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Primrose School of Chapel Hill at Briar Chapel Helps Chatham Families during the Holidays

Posted on: February 5, 2019

Primrose School of Chapel Hill at Briar Chapel recently wrapped up its Caring and Giving Food Drive, part of the Primrose Schools’ Primrose Promise curriculum.  It was a stunning success! Not only did the event result in the collection of over 1,000 cans and 1,191 pounds of food for families in Chatham County, but the event also provided a terrific way to teach children about their responsibility to the community.

Through this local effort to collect food for holiday meals, the Primrose Caring and Giving Food Drive actively connects children to those who are in need.  The children work together not only to earn money for the food, but also to shop and deliver the items to those in need. Every year, the school collaborates with a local charity for their Caring and Giving events.   Their goal is use a hands-on approach to teach children about math, nutrition, and planning, all while encouraging kindness and generosity.

During this year’s Caring and Giving Food Drive, the school collected items for CORA from Primrose families during the month of November.  Additionally, Pre-Kindergarten students at the school earned money by doing extra chores at home. Students in each classroom then pooled their money and created detailed shopping lists to follow during a field trip to a local grocery store. There, they purchased more food to donate to CORA Food Pantry.

Food Drives, like this one, help CORA keep its shelves full during the busiest time of year.  They are also a great way to introduce the community to CORA’s mission. Many of the families involved were not familiar with CORA, so and it was an educational opportunity for all involved. “I think it is important for the community to understand the enormous need for food assistance and that 100% of their contributions benefit children and families here in Chatham County. Families can help in many ways and it does not require a big food drive like the one our school organized.  Since CORA is able to purchase food at a great discount due to your affiliation with other agencies, even small monetary donations can make a big impact,” shared Melissa Mart, the school’s owner.

Primrose Schools believes who children become is as important as what they know. Nurturing character development and serving their communities are core components of the school’s Balanced Learning® curriculum. The school prides itself on helping children become active members in their communities not just during big events, but every day. “It is so wonderful to know that children are being introduced to philanthropy and altruistic endeavors at such a young age,” said Rebecca Hankins, CORA’s Development Director, “Melissa and her staff are doing wonderful things for our community and it warms my heart.”

Since opening in 2016, Primrose School of Chapel Hill at Briar Chapel has donated approximately $12,000 to local charities. Additionally, the school administration and teaching staff lead by example volunteering nearly 250 hours of combined community service each year through organized quarterly activities with local charities.

Thank you Primrose School for your amazing efforts! Through collaboration and partnerships like this, we can have a bigger impact on Chatham County and fulfill our vision of a community without hunger. If you would like to conduct a food drive or make a donation to benefit CORA and provide food assistance to those in need, please contact Rebecca Hankins at or visit our website at