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Help us create a community without hunger

In 2019, CORA launched a capital campaign – A Campaign to Help CORA Meet the Increasing Need. This year, with overwhelming support from our community, we are constructing a new building adjacent to the existing pantry.  Over the next few months, we will be creating a new space for a pantry and upgrading the current 67-year-old building.

The new building will double our current space to store food. This larger space will allow us to streamline operations and more safely and effectively provide the maximum level of support for CORA’s multiple programs. The new building will also greatly enhance our pantry operations. The pantry will also double in size to allow for a more pleasant shopping experience.

Although CORA is getting a new building that will serve as both a warehouse and pantry, the organization will need to repurpose our existing building to better serve those facing food-insecurity and poverty in our community. We need to create a spacious reception area in which families can comfortably wait before shopping in the pantry.   CORA can serve up to 80 families a day and wait times fluctuate. In addition, we want to create a safe and fun area where children can play, read, or just relax as their families shop for groceries. We also envision the creation of a welcoming space where people can connect with one another, other support services, and nonprofit resources.

Click HERE to see our wish list for the expansion! So we ask for your thoughtful consideration as you make a special gift to the capital campaign for CORA in support of our new building and the people who depend upon our services. If you have questions please contact Rebecca Hankins at