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Help us create a community without hunger

For 34 years, CORA has been serving food to individuals and families facing food insecurity across Chatham County. CORA is a place of hope and comfort for many in our community, where there is always an empathetic ear, supportive smile, and plenty of nutritious food. Research shows that access to nutritious food is the key to a healthy community, where children do well in school, families thrive, and seniors aren’t faced with choosing between food and other necessities. Last year, we served 1.1 million meals to more nearly 10,000 individuals.

With generous support from Chatham County’s government officials, foundations, local businesses, community groups, and thousands of individuals, CORA will soon be expanding. This year we completed a new building adjacent to the existing pantry and are currently renovating our existing building.

The new building will serve as both a food storage warehouse and pantry and will allow us to streamline operations and more effectively provide food to those facing hunger. The relocation of the pantry will also enable CORA to repurpose our current space to include meeting, educational, and food preparation space, all of which will better serve the community.

Although CORA is getting a new building that will serve as both a warehouse and pantry, the will repurpose our existing building to better serve those facing food insecurity and poverty in our community. Each year we serve over 10,000 individuals in Chatham County. CORA is committed to serving nutritious food in a welcoming community space that brings people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for healthy food.

We will create a spacious reception area in which families can comfortably wait before shopping in the pantry. CORA can serve up to eighty families a day and wait times fluctuate. In addition, we will create a safe and fun area where children can play, read, or just relax as their families shop for groceries. We also envision the creation of a welcoming space where people can connect with one another, other support services, and nonprofit resources. Our holistic approach to helping those facing food insecurity will include partnerships that focus on the following:

  • Nutrition classes and cooking lessons to expand tastebuds and help families make healthier food choices.
  • Life skills classes that will serve as building blocks and strategies to help people move out of poverty.
  • Volunteer opportunities to reduce social isolation and build relationships within the community.
  • Community spaces for meetings and additional administrative offices to accommodate organizational growth.

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider a donation that will help us complete this project. If you have questions, please contact Rebecca Hankins at