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Carolina Meadows is Helping Build a Community Without Hunger

Posted on: August 14, 2019

CORA is a place where the community comes together to help ensure that none of its neighbors go hungry. Thanks to the vision, generosity, and hard work of hundreds of individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations, CORA is a thriving organization. Over the past year, thanks to the increased support of our donors, we have experienced substantial growth.

Each spring, Carolina Meadows residents come together and have a huge impact on CORA and the families it serves. Carolina Meadows hosted its annual fundraising drive and raised more than $34,000 in support of the pantry. CORA worked with representatives from Carolina Meadows and provided information on how CORA serves those in need in Chatham County through a presentation, direct mail appeal, and even two tours of the pantry.  More impressive, throughout the entire year, Carolina Meadows residents donated more than $52,000 to CORA. In addition to resident support, CORA received $5,000 in corporate support to purchase a walk-in refrigerator for the new CORA facility to be completed in 2020.

“Carolina Meadows is committed to enriching and improving lives. We have a culture of generosity which includes the desire to support our neighbors throughout Chatham County,” said Amy Gorely, Director of Community Relations for Carolina Meadows.  “Residents realize the important work that CORA does and are thrilled to support their crucial work in our community.”   

CORA is a nonprofit organization that serves residents in need of food within Chatham County.  CORA’s ultimate goal is to end hunger in the community by soliciting, collecting, and purchasing food for distribution through the pantry and a network of alliances, programs, and special events. “CORA is so pleased to be able to work with community partners like Carolina Meadows,” shared Melissa Driver Bear, CORA’s Executive Director. “Support like this is what enables us to continue to meet an increasing need and to work toward our mission of creating a community without hunger.”