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CORA Receives Prestigous GSK IMPACT Award

Posted on: November 17, 2022

This November, GSK honored ten nonprofits for their outstanding contributions to improving health in the Triangle area with a GSK IMPACT Award. The winning nonprofits needed to demonstrate that they improve community health through innovative ideas, measured outcomes, collaborative partnerships, accountability, and racial equity.


CORA was chosen as a winner this year and received $50,000 to support our organization’s mission and to build capacity to improve the health and welfare of individuals often underrepresented in Chatham County.


Maya Martinez-Davis, President, US Pharmaceuticals, GSK said: “We’re pleased to provide funding to nonprofit organizations that connect underserved communities with access to critical services like community safety, education, employment, affordable housing, family/social support, nutrition and activity programs. At GSK, we aim to improve health equity in the communities where we live and work through programs like the IMPACT awards.”


CORA is honored to be chosen and will continue building a community without hunger. A healthy, strong, and connected community where all people have equitable access to abundant, safe, nutritious, and culturally relevant food. Through our work, we will help build a healthy Chatham County, where families thrive, children do well in school, and seniors do not face the stress of choosing between food and other necessities.