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New Ideas for a New Year

Posted on: January 8, 2021

Happy 2021!  I’m delighted to report that despite the difficulty I’ve faced in returning to the “real world” this week, things at CORA are off to a good start this year.  It’s a new year and I’ve already got lots of new ideas – a statement that never ceases to make the board and staff cringe just a little!  Ha!


CORA has been incredibly fortunate.  I’m looking forward to capitalizing on the opportunities available to us over the next 12 months.  While it’s my fervent hope that within six months we may start to see fewer people facing food insecurity, we know that we must continue to focus on building a community without hunger.  I’m excited about doing so in new and different ways.


I’ve recently realized progress on our new building. A contractor is in place, we are in the midst of the permitting process, underground cables have been moved, and the corners for the foundation have been staked out.  A dream that started for many in the CORA community over 6 years ago is starting to become a reality!


I’m also thinking about creative ways to serve our community that extend beyond the new building.  COVID has changed so many things and has made it clear to me that we need to consider at least some of these service options:


  • Expanding our mobile service.  We’ll offer our first mobile market in Moncure next week!  This second mobile market will rotate monthly throughout the county to better reach those who cannot make the trip to CORA.
  • Considering a hybrid service option after COVID that would allow clients to shop or to quickly stop by to receive a bag of food.
  • Providing increased service to residents facing food insecurity in the western part of Chatham County through a satellite CORA site.


These are just a few of my NEW ideas for the NEW year!  The board and I will be meeting for a brainstorming session soon and I can’t wait to learn the results!


Thank you for all the ways you support CORA!