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Serving Chatham’s Children Over the Summer

Posted on: August 29, 2020

In Chatham County, 50% of public school children receive free or low-cost meals through the federal school lunch program because their household income is at or near the poverty level. This past summer more than 4,300 school children in Chatham County did not have adequate replacements for these meals.


Thanks to your support, CORA’s SNACK! program helps children facing food insecurity. This past summer we served 1,144 children 128,000 meals supplemented with nutritious produce boxes. This number is lower than previous years and we attribute this to assistance provided through the school feeding program. Numerous volunteers and donors enabled us to continue this program despite the challenges of a pandemic. Since we were unable to purchase items in bulk, a special group of CORA SNACK! shoppers formed specifically to purchase the items we needed most each week at many local grocery stores.  Additional loyal volunteers came out each week and packed thousands of boxes full of food for distribution. In the humid hot days of summer, so many dedicated helpers from across the entire community came together to load trucks, pack cars, and distribute food to the children who need it most!


COVID-19 has made us more aware and appreciative of the amazing support we have as we strive to feed children and create a community without hunger. In addition to SNACK!, children also had access to meals through Chatham County Schools, local churches, and even some restaurants. The collaboration of many partners throughout the county enables all of us to better meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the community. In the upcoming weeks, CORA will be working with these same partners to ensure that hungry children get the support that they need during this most unusual school year. Again, thanks to everyone who supports SNACK! and our mission to build a community without hunger.