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Thank you for your support!

Posted on: August 10, 2022

Dear Friends,


For us at CORA, as we move into a new fiscal year, we begin to reflect and reconsider.  My reflections lead me to a place of gratitude and thanks.  I hope we thank each of you often enough.  Without you – volunteers, board members, donors, partners, and clients – we wouldn’t be able to effectively work to achieve our goal of creating a community without hunger!  You each play a pivotal role in CORA’s success.


I’m so grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have donated over 9,200 hours to CORA in the past year.  These hours add up to just shy of 5 full-time staff positions!  And these volunteers help us meet diverse demands on a daily basis.  As I write this, several of us are dealing with Covid-19.  I take solace in knowing that seasoned volunteers are helping to guide the Pantry while we’re at home recuperating.


Over the past few years, Rebecca and I have worked hard to diversify our income streams.  Our grant funding has increased by 125% over the past four years.  More importantly, however, the number of individual donors has increased by 20%.  Individual donors do so much more than write a check.  Individual donors help us raise awareness, meet urgent needs, and help us build sustainable solutions.  Even small donations have a significant impact and move us ever closer to attaining our goals.


We also owe thanks to our customers, without whom we simply wouldn’t be needed. And while we all hope for the day when hunger is no longer an issue, we must now thank those who place their trust in us to provide them with nutrition.  Trust is fragile, and I am grateful that the individuals and families we serve know that we at CORA do all we can to provide them with a dignified experience.


CORA is so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community.  We are so thankful to you for your role in our past – and will play in our exciting future.  Thank you for the trust you place in us.  Thank you for the food.  Thank you for your time.  Many, many thanks.





Melissa Driver Beard

Executive Director