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The Heart of CORA

Posted on: September 16, 2021

Our volunteers play an essential role in the flow of food that comes into and out of the Pantry every day. More importantly, they are the heart of our organization. So many community members have shown up, despite the risks, and demonstrated a deep passion for our work to feed those facing hunger!


We are fortunate to work with such a diverse pool of volunteers as well. From college athletes, realtors, nurses, CPAs, dental students, farmers, retired professionals, police officers, pastors, stay at home parents, high school students, to college professors, all of our volunteers displayed courage and selfless service, allowing CORA to remain open and operational throughout 2020-2021.


Ending hunger in Chatham County is truly a collaborative effort. Last year, 275 dedicated volunteers donated their time and energy to help us fulfill our mission.