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Join us in Building a Community Without Hunger

Posted on: July 11, 2022

The challenges over the past year were many, but so were the opportunities to meet those challenges head-on. With this energy and resolve, we look ahead with the collective goal of building a community without hunger. We are hopeful for a society where CORA and other nonprofits addressing hunger will no longer be needed, where food insecurity is a term of the past. Where every person across the globe does not have to worry about where their next meal will come from. To do that, we will continue to serve our neighbors in need and advocate for ending hunger.


This will only be possible if we all work together to provide additional resources to those who need them the most. No senior citizen should have to go hungry. No parent should have to choose between buying groceries or filling their gas tank. Access to nutritious food should be a universal right, and we will continue to fight for that right until everyone in our community has equitable access to healthy food. We will do this through programs like the Pantry, Mobile Market, SNACK!, Backpack, and our new delivery model. We’ll do it by advocating for more easily accessible food benefits for the most vulnerable in our community. Most importantly, we will accomplish this with your assistance and support. Your steadfast support is critical to our mission as we embark upon 2023. Together, we can help provide nutritious food to those facing food insecurity. Together, we can take the next steps toward ending food insecurity in Chatham County. Together, we can build a community without hunger. Please visit today to donate!