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A Place of Hope and Comfort for Many in our Community


Our Mission:

We provide food to individuals and families within our community who are in need during difficult personal economic periods.


A community without hunger.


We embrace a culture where all individuals are treated with respect and equality, and we are committed to safeguarding their dignity and self-esteem by continuously taking actions that demonstrate sincere care, concern, and support.  We operate by following strong ethical and moral standards to ensure that CORA’s mission is achieved with fairness, compassion, and effectiveness.


CORA is not just a food pantry. It is a force in our community working to restore dignity, health and self-sufficiency through food — with some creativity, fun and laughs thrown in. In spite of all the stories of life’s difficulties, problems, disasters and heartbreak that come through our door, CORA is a happy place. Almost every client leaves with a smile, and those of us who work here, staff and volunteers, are engaged with our community in multiple ways, and committed to creating a better life for our neighbors. Click HERE to find out why CORA is unique, innovative and more than your usual food pantry . . .