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A Place of Hope and Comfort for Many in our Community


Our Mission:

CORA provides nutritious food to community members facing food insecurity.


CORA envisions a community without hunger.


We embrace a culture where all individuals are treated with respect and equity, and we are committed to safeguarding their dignity and self-esteem by continuously taking actions that demonstrate genuine care, concern, and support.  We operate by following strong ethical and moral standards to ensure that CORA’s mission is achieved with fairness, compassion, and effectiveness.

  • Compassion & Respect – recognizing each community member’s innate dignity
  • Collaboration & Cooperation – engaging a network of community members, organizations, and partners
  • Diversity & Multiculturalism – recognizing the diverse cultural and individual needs in our community
  • Education & Prevention – working to understand, prevent, and eradicate the causes of hunger
  • Stewardship & Sustainability – being responsible stewards of all of our resources

Our ultimate goal at CORA is to build a community without hunger by collecting and purchasing healthy food for distribution through our food pantry, related programs, and network of local partners.

CORA has been a trusted leader on hunger and food insecurity issues in Chatham County for nearly 35 years. We are a nonprofit organization with no political or religious affiliation, and like hunger, we do not discriminate. As equal opportunity providers, we are committed to building a community without hunger.  We champion hassle-free access to food and recognize plentiful nutrition as central to the health and success of individuals and the foundation of a resilient, vibrant society. At CORA we believe that only by working together as a community will we be able to fulfill our mission to end hunger.