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A Place of Hope and Comfort for Many in our Community


In July 1989, Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) provided food to its first clients, a family of six, two adults and four children. Nearly 30 years later, we now distribute more than 300 tons of food to families across Chatham County. If you would like to learn more about the history of CORA, please download our booklet HERE.

CORA is a not-for-profit food pantry that serves residents in need of food within Chatham County, North Carolina.  Our ultimate goal at CORA is to end hunger in our community by soliciting, collecting, and purchasing food for distribution through our food pantry and a network of alliances, programs, and special events.

CORA serves any Chatham County resident who needs emergency food. We are open five days a week, Monday – Friday, 10 am to 2 pm (excluding state holidays). Families can receive a week’s worth of groceries up to six times in a 12-month period. These weekly food allotments are selected to provide 21 nutritious meals for each family member.

The pantry is a place of hope and comfort for many in our community, a respite from their struggles where there is always an empathetic ear, supportive smile, and shelves of food to help meet their needs. CORA currently fills 100% of client requests and turns no resident away.

In addition, each summer CORA distributes food to more than 1,450 hungry kids who depend on federal school meals for adequate nutrition during the school year, but who have little or no replacement for this nutrition when school is not in session. SNACK! provides food for these meals — seven breakfasts, seven lunches, seven dinners, and daily snacks — for 10 weeks mid-June through mid-August.