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A Place of Hope and Comfort for Many in our Community

In 2018, CORA . . .

... Provided Chatham County residents 503,500 meals

... Distributed 1,170,420 pounds of food


... Supported nearly 10,000 individual residents

Our Impact

CORA is a place where the community comes together to help ensure that none of its neighbors go hungry. Thanks to the vision, generosity, and hard work of hundreds of individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations CORA is a thriving organization.

For CORA families, visiting the Pantry can be a humbling experience. Many are facing the need for food assistance for the very first time in their lives. Having access to a greater variety of food and allowing people to choose which foods they want from our pantry shelves based on family size, dietary restrictions, and personal preference empowers people to make their own decisions and restores integrity to the process.

Approximately 14% of the population in Chatham County live at or below the poverty level ($24,600/year for a family of 4). CORA operates under USDA Food and Nutrition Services Eligibility Guidelines, thus meeting food insecurity needs for families making $49,200/year for a family of four. These guidelines allow us to serve more people and better meet our mission. CORA will serve 12,700 this year, and there are many more people facing food insecurity in Chatham County who have not yet received assistance. We believe that we can reach these additional people by expanding our outreach, removing barriers to access, and providing nutritional food choices.